About Us

SS Bikes presents you the revolutionary range e-cycles. The SS E- cycles are not just revolutionizing the mode of transportation with beautiful designs and improved technology but also playng a great part in eliminating global warming. We are manufacturing zero-emission vehicles, sustainable energy and long-lasting batteries. At SS Bikes we work non-stop to upgrade mobility and short distance commute in India.
The SS Bikes' e-cycles are equipped with state of art BLDC motor and top-notch range to take you extra long distance. With SS Bikes' you get range from 90-100 kms on single charge. with pedal-assist and 75 kms on throttle drive. E-cycle comes with 3 drive mode to suit your need of drive.We believe in transforming lives by bringng the technology to people which is simple and intuitive.
We dream and we persist to have a sustainable future for everyone. Our aim is to design the products that suit your need and matches your style. Be electrified, the revolution has just begun.

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